Structure – BU "Ibresinsky Central District Hospital" of the Ministry of Health of Chuvashia

The Feldsher-O-Akushersky paragraph Aibchian address of the FAP: 429710, Chuvash Republic, Ibresinsky district, aybechi village. Central, d. 31. Territory of service: radius

Feldsher-obstetric station Aibchsky

FAP location address: 429710, Chuvash Republic, Ibresinsky District, Aibchi village, st. Central, d. 31.

Territory of service: Service radius – 4 km. Distance to the Central District Hospital – 25 km. The distance to the nearest medical facility is 5 km.

Served settlements: Aybechi village.

Medical activity is carried out on the basis of a license No. LO-21-01-001901 dated 05/31/2019 issued by the Ministry of Health of the Chuvash Republic.

FAP has the following rooms: The observation, procedural, reception office, an office of a healthy child that meets sanitary and hygienic requirements. The rooms are equipped with medical equipment, tools, care items and inventory.

The feldsher-midwife point performs the following functions:
1. Providing the population of pre -medical medical care, including emergency and urgent measures in conditions that threaten human life and human health.
2. Timely fulfillment of the doctor’s full prescription in the organization of dynamic observation and treatment of the patient at the place of residence.
3. Preventive and dispensary examinations of decreed groups of the population and patients on dispensary, disabled warfare and equivalent contingents, agricultural and production workers working in harmful working conditions, and work with women of fertile age.
4. Carrying out measures aimed at the active early identification of patients and persons with risk factors for the development of diseases – target medical examination of the population, fluorographic examination, cytological examination of women, measurement of blood pressure over 16 years of age, measuring intraocular pressure over 40 years of age.
5. Accounting and patronage of pregnant women and puers, psychoprophylactic preparation of women for childbirth, promoting rational feeding of newborns, modern methods of contraception, family planning, working with socially disadvantaged families. The implementation of measures to reduce children's and infant mortality, patronage of children under 1 year, planned preventive vaccinations, dynamic monitoring of the risk group of children of the first year of life, prevention of rickets, anemia.
6. Conducting a complex of preventive, anti-epidemic and sanitary-hygienic measures aimed at preventing, reducing infectious, parasitic, professional incidence, industrial and domestic injuries under the leadership of doctors of the central district hospital.
7. Participation in the conduct of complex anti-epidemic and sanitary-hygienic measures in the event of an unfavorable epidemic situation in the territory of service.
eight.Control over the sanitary condition of the territories of attached settlements, schools, DDU, water supply sources.
9. The notification of the territorial department of the Office of Rospotrebnadzor in the Chuvash Republic in the prescribed manner about all cases of infectious, parasitic, occupational diseases, poisoning of the population and identified violations of sanitary and hygienic requirements.
10. Participation in the provision of medical care in the event of emergency situations.
11. Conducting sanitary-educational work among the population, including using the media.