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Irina Dolgushin needs no introduction. She is one of the most famous television journalists, as well as television managers in our region. She made a great contribution to the development of television broadcasting in Kras…


Irina Dolgushin needs no introduction. She is one of the most famous television journalists, as well as television managers in our region. She made a great contribution to the development of television broadcasting in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. And the fact that the level of television journalism in our region is considered one of the best in the Siberian Federal District, there is a considerable merit of Irina Vasilievna.

Born in Novocherkassk, Rostov region. Graduated from Rostov State University with a degree in Journalism. Then she came to the Krasnoyarsk Territory. On the Krasnoyarsk regional television, she went from a correspondent to the head of the editorial office of information broadcasting.

Traveled all over. Under her leadership, the legendary information program X (Information Channel of Events) was created on the regional TV (now – the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Krasnoyarsk).
Irina Vasilievna also stood at the origins of the creation of several television companies. These are TVK-6, Channel 7, TC Yenisei (formerly called TC Yenisei-Region). Later she became an adviser to the governor of the region on television and radio broadcasting. For many years she headed the Association of TV Broadcasters and TV Producers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Yenisei.TV.
Now Irina Dolgushina is the head of the council of the media group Stolitsa 24, an associate professor of the department of journalism of the Institute of Physics and Culture of the Siberian Federal University. She is a full member of the Eurasian Academy of Television and Radio (EATR). She was awarded a diploma of the Governor of the region for merits in the development of television broadcasting in the region, as well as a commemorative badge For service to the benefit of Krasnoyarsk.
Her life is still full of interesting events and meetings.

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Corr.: Irina Vasilievna, who did you want to be in childhood, who did you dream of becoming?

Irina Dolgushina: At school, I always had three favorite subjects: literature, history, and, on the other hand, geometry.
Hence my throwing between journalism and aircraft design.
In the 10th grade, I even studied at correspondence preparatory courses at the Kharkov Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers. But after graduating from school, still undecided, she went to work … in the regional newspaper Svetly Put in the Rostov region. It is clear that then there was a study at the Rostov State University in journalism. And continuous service to his beloved profession for more than 40 years.

Corr.: Who are your favorite writers, poets, artists and composers?

I.D.: Mikhail Sholokhov (I had a chance to meet him at his house in the village of Veshenskaya and receive an autographed book Quiet Don from him as a gift), Irvin Shaw, Arseniy Tarkovsky, Salvador Dali (twice I visited his house-museum in the outskirts of Barcelona), Sergei Rachmaninoff and George Gershwin.

Corr.: Do you have your favorite literary characters or heroes from real life?

I. d.: Woland from the “Master and Margarita”, Ostap Bender from “Twelve Chairs”, but not from the novel “Golden Calf” has always sympathized with negative heroes. And in real life, on the contrary, good, hardworking, mischievous and funny people are pretty … Optimists with humor!

Corr.: What do you value most in people?

I. d.: Reliability and sense of humor.

Corr.: What (or by whom) are you especially proud of?

I. d.: I created it in this life: two daughters created with my participation of television companies (TCK, “Channel 7”, “Yenisei”), many television cyclic projects, among which are especially beloved – X and “Tea together”.
And I am very proud that I speak Russian, I know it, I love it and continue with enthusiasm to comprehend its endless depths.

Corr.: Your favorite saying?

I. d.: There are three of them. No goal justifies funds, even if it is the media! Death is the best invention of life. Everything passes and this will pass!

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In the photo: Irina and Evgeny Dolgushina

Corr.: Is there something that you are disgusted with?

I. d.: Envy and betrayal. And also – toads.

Corr.: If you had the opportunity to choose a place of residence, which city/country would you choose?

I. d.: If, if, if … I hate a subjunctive mood.

Corr.: Your state of mind at the moment?

I. d.: Optimist with an enduring sense of humor.

Corr.: What do you want to wish Internet users?

I. d.: Live to the fullest, and not just hang on the Internet. Laugh and cry, love and suffer, win and lose. And nothing to put off for tomorrow!