Sports shooting

Types of sports shooting: bench and bullet shooting. Pneumatic weapons in shooting sports. Olympic disciplines in shooting sports, as well as Benchrest, Field Target, Varminting.

Sports shooting

Sports shooting has long been part of the program of the Olympic Games. Today it has improved significantly, has several types.

One of them is trap shooting (Olympic view) – shooting shot from smoothbore guns at a moving target. In the 19th century, athletes used ordinary pigeons as targets. Then only the nobility could afford such entertainment, whose representatives fired at the birds, threw the birds out of special cages. That is why guns for such entertainment were called garden guns. A little later, instead of pigeons, they began to use glass balls and plates thrown out by a special spring, flying out of the throwing machine.

The most popular type of trap shooting is sporting – the athlete hits flying targets, as a rule, clay plates of bright orange color. They are also called clay pigeons, a dove can be depicted on a plate, which recalls the history of the emergence of this sport. Sporting is popular with hunters as it requires a simplified shooting range and flying and rolling targets mimic game behavior.

The second type of sports shooting, which is directly related to pneumatic weapons, is bullet shooting. In this type of shooting, rifled weapons are used: pistols and air rifles, small and large-caliber weapons. Target – static and moving targets in the shooting range. Pneumatic exercises, as well as small-caliber pistol and rifle exercises are included in the Olympic Games.

Some types of sports shooting have appeared recently, for example, varmintingwhich came from the USA. Athletes here use rifled weapons equipped with powerful optics and having a heavy barrel (to minimize barrel vibrations and, as a result, increase accuracy). The task of the shooter is to hit targets at long distances.

Despite the fact that the weapon is a very dangerous subject, accidents at competitions are practically excluded. That is why sports shooting is often compared with chess in terms of its safety.

Olympic disciplines of bullet shooting.

The program of the Olympic Games in shooting from air and small-caliber rifles includes the following five events – 2 events for women and 3 for men. Women's exercises are MV-5, VP-4, and men's exercises are MV-6, MV-9, VP-6. The pistol shooting program also includes 5 exercises. For women: MP-5, PP-2, and for men MP-6, MP-8 and PP-3 (the abbreviation VP means air rifle, the abbreviation PP means air pistol.“MV” – “small -caliber rifle”, “MP” – small -caliber gun, respectively).

Olympic shooting

The program of the Olympic Games has two exercises with a pneumatic rifle: VP-4 (for women) and VP-6 (for men). VP-4 exercise is performed standing. You need to get into a target located at a distance of 10 meters. As a target, the target No. 8 is used, which is a black circle with a diameter of 30.5 mm, the total diameter of 45.5 mm. In this case, the size of the dozens is only 0.5 mm. For all exercise, the athlete has 40 shots and 4 trial targets, the number of trial shots can be anything. The exercise must be performed in 1 hour 15 minutes. Exercise for men VP-6 is completely similar to the female, only 60 shots are given for it and the time 1 hour 45 minutes.

In exercises with a pneumatic gun, a target No. 9 is used (a black circle with a diameter of 59.5 mm, the total diameter of 155.5 mm, the size of the “dozens” – 11.5 mm).

Neolimpian disciplines of bullet shooting.

Pneumatics in sports are not limited to Olympic disciplines, there are popular sports disciplines that use pneumatic weapons.

The most popular of them, perhaps: Field Target and Benchrest.

Field Target – This is a kind of sports model of hunting, in which the athlete improves his skill arrow and achieves high results. Shooting is carried out on falling targets in the form of mice, raven, protein, etc.

Benchrest -This is a shooting and technical sport that relates to high-precision shooting. The main criterion here is the high accuracy of shooting. This sport owes its appearance to American snipers: having retired, American soldiers simply could not sit at home calmly. The position of the arrow – sitting at the table, the rifle is installed in special stops. The forend of the rifle is installed on the front emphasis. In the upper part of the stop, a bag of sand is placed, and in the back there is a special bag for the butt, which has the shape of a “rabbit ears”.