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Even the best private bettors in the world cannot guarantee fabulous money on sports betting. But there are professionals of their business, demonstrating high results over a long period of time, and they are included in our rating of private brokers. The main activity of the site is to check the honesty of the caper. On this page you can find the most reliable web-sites. You can leave your feedbacks if you used the forecasts of one of the presented services. The verified private private players of our site have been providing free forecasts for two or three months.

Reliable Privateers

The main criterion for evaluating a trader is the correspondence of the odds in the line of the bookmaker’s office at the moment of making the forecast, a small deviation within one tenth is allowed. But it’s not acceptable if a trader gives 1.8 odds in his forecast but the quotes in the bookmaker’s line are 1.5 and less. Cappers with such manipulations of statistics are not checked. We also draw attention to the following points:

Open statistics. Any professional should not hide the results of his work, so that a potential client can check the passability, number and time of the tip for a bet.

The service “promotion of the account” is considered by us as a fraud. Cappers with such proposals most often end up in the black list of rating.

If aaper places excessive advertising banners on the site, links to various affiliate programs, topics with HYIP projects and other nonsense, and among other things, refuses to provide us forecasts for review – goes to the black list.

The ability to leave comments on the trader, information on contact details, information on the existence of the project, available communication with the administration, the results archive in the public domain – this set of criteria at the first stage causes us to trust the resource. Such capturers receive from us an offer to be checked.

Feedback on the old resource. Comments with proufs are taken into account.

If a resource privateer does not contact us, but we do not find information about him clearly fraudulent, we continue to monitor his project for a couple of months and again offer to go through our checking. The best cappers are not ignored. We leave links to their resources in front of each review.

To summarize. The world of betting, especially in the category of sports analytics sites, is full of lies and deception. Everyone wants to get quality sports forecasts, but new sports betting projects are created every day, most of which are fraudulent. And it is our main task to check the honesty of a trader.