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For several years now, in large cities of the United States, Daybreaker parties have been held – the morning raves of weekdays, on which alcohol and substances are prohibited, but stepomers are relevant. Now the rave is a type of fitness. The Nightly poster figured out how everything works – and why they do not train in Russia.

Raves with smoothie instead of alcohol: how in the US parties turned into sports

Parties as a way to relax in an adult way, spend the night away from the house and how to enjoy the adults gradually ended up in the target of attention among millennials and phantors. From their light hand-so far, however, only in the West-the concept of “very cool” is replaced by the morning and fitness raves, and the type of PARTY MONSTER is inferior to the image of an adept as a green super-serum in one hand, a detox cocetteel from the berries In another and certainly with a good mood.

For two years now, the most fashionable larks from New York gathered at six to seven in the morning for the morning parties “Daybreaker” and dance under the fashionable ammunition from technology, House and trapp, the mixes of Salomon Fairy, remixes on Tears for Fears, Missa Ellitt and Marvin Gaia and much more. From time to time, the organizers arrange surprises-a fire show, a classic orchestra in electronic processing, a Hike corner … Visitors wake up on a dance floor, swallow a light breakfast with a mineral water from the bar and run to work-vigorous and happy. Because the party is more pleasant than charging and jogging, more fun than crossfit and workout, more social than a business breakfast, and much more useful at night booze. At least in theory, which is reinforced by a good financial history.

Who invented the morning raves

Behind the mornings of Daybreaker are two people: Radha agrav and Matthew Brymer. The tightened brunette agrav used to be at the head of Super Sprown, which is engaged in the promotion of a healthy diet among children, and Thinx – a manufacturer of linen for women during menstruation. Braimer – a guy with a serious face and a red -haired curly beard – before that he worked in Apple and was engaged in his educational startup General Assembly. At the same time, both founders of Daybreaker adored parties and were frequent visitors to the Burning Man festival. Brimer recalls his party experience: “Night life is amazing, reprehensible, and maybe gloomy. We thought: what if we turn everything upside down, give people a completely different experience? If we do something very positive, almost tribal-pure euphoria?

So the concept of “Daybreaker” arose-the morning party-edition party for those who do not care about their health. On the trial dance marathon at the Union Square Club club Radha and Matthew called 180 friends, and then the rumor spread throughout New York. Today, the ticket for the Daybreaker party costs from $ 25 to $ 40, 37 thousand people are signed on Facebook, and the parties themselves contain 400-600 morning dancing lovers.Now they can be visited not only by residents of New York, but also by San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington and other US cities; from overseas territories, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, Sydney and Amsterdam are covered – and the global expansion continues. In addition to the main “Daybreaker” parties, last year the organizers launched an evening offshoot of “Apres Week”, dedicated to … Friday sunsets.

How Daybreaker is different from a regular party

Instead of the classic approach “all events after six in the evening, and normal parties by midnight,” the organizers open the doors at six in the morning. Already from this, it seems, one of the dying stereotypes has been shaken, that work is something that should be perceived as something hostile, undesirable, something that needs to be cleansed of at the end of the day, “to relieve tension”. For the most part, young people from the creative class living in big cities – the so-called yakki – sincerely love their work and therefore do not need to be rewarded with a party at the end of the day. On the contrary, morning ravers with sunrise (just like on the logo Daybreaker) get a powerful surge of endorphins in the blood, which makes them feel happier throughout the day – and do their job better. In addition, after a morning workout party, people become more peaceful and calmer, which is quite consistent with the values ​​of the new generation corporate culture.