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Types of soccer bets and their features

By betting on sports, a fan can not only support his favorite team or player, but also win a large reward. In order for the bet to play, and the winning amount to the player’s car, it is necessary to be well versed in sports and to cooperate only with proven bookmakers’ offices. Soccer is a popular sporting game that is known around the world. It gathers multimillion stadiums, and the odds increase with every goal scored. Every beginner bettor can find an honest betting company and understand all the peculiarities of soccer betting by visiting There are detailed forecasts, bets, and free predictions from experts.

Types of bets

Any bookmaker’s office offers a wide line, which is represented by different types of bets. But there are basic bets, and all others are combinations optimized for specific strategies.

Simple single bets

Simple soccer bets are particularly popular with bettors. These include:

  • Ordinary – the player chooses a certain outcome, that is, he bets on a particular team or score. If the answer is correct, the odds are multiplied by the bet amount. The resulting amount is withdrawn to the player’s account.
  • Double chance – this type allows you to choose two betting options. If in “Ordinary” the bettor could bet only on one team, a particular score or a draw, “Double chance” allows you to select two bets, and having guessed at least one, the player wins.
  • A handicap – the essence is to equalize the chances of winning between two teams. This is done in order to diversify the bets. The bettor can bet not only on the favorite, but also on the underdog.
  • Total – this type of betting will suit those bettors who guess the exact outcome, namely how many goals a particular team will score. BK offers a certain number of goals, and the player has to choose how many goals the team will score – more or less.

Simple multiple bets

Plural bets are based entirely on basic bets. Thus, a single multiple bet combines several simple multiple bets. These include:

  • Express – a layout of ordinary bets. If a player decides to bet on several different outcomes, it is recommended to combine them into an “Express”. Here, the odds are multiplied with each other, so if the outcome is correct, the winnings will be much larger than in individual bets.
  • System is a set of “Parlay” bets. The distinctive feature is that if one event is not played, all expresses are not burned. Only those that are related to the unplayed action are lost. The remaining bets continue to work and, if the outcome is correct, can bring a win.

Additionally, there are complex multiple soccer bets, but they are not as popular as simple bets. These include Patent, Trixie, and Yankee. Trixie consists of 4 bets, Patent consists of 7, and Yankee consists of 11 bets on 4 events.

Peculiarities of predictions

To make the right bet, novice bettors are advised to pay attention to soccer forecasts. They are made by popular soccer observers, professional athletes, former coaches, sports journalists and other individuals who are directly related to the sport. Some predictions are available for free, so that every player can read them and make the right conclusions. Soccer forecasts allow you to be aware of all the events and news, get a lot of useful information that will help make the right bet. Familiarizing himself with the information provided, the bettor can develop his own strategy that will help to win. Before making a bet, it is recommended to choose a betting company responsibly. The company should offer favorable odds, a wide line of sports events and have a license indicating legitimate activities.