How to bet on football in bookmakers? Rules and nuances.

Football bets

Football is the game that can unite people, despite the races of individual fan groups. For fans of this sport, all conditions are created so that they could enjoy the highest sample matches weekly. Every year, more and more people are ill with football, which affects the volume of bets in bookmakers. For bookmakers, football is generally gold residential, as many bets are made by ordinary fans who usually play minus.

A little story

  • It is generally accepted that football appeared in England,
    But if you delve into history, it turns out that with a dozen peoples they played long before the appearance of football in games that can be called its ancestors. Moreover, the geography of the resettlement of these peoples covers all continents.
  • In the mid -19th century, the football that is known to all of us appeared in the UK.
    Of course, in more than 150 years, his rules have repeatedly changed, but the foundations were already laid down then.
  • Russian fans are usually irony with the successes of domestic teams, but we also have our own local successes.
    The USSR national team reached the semifinals of the World Cup and played four times in the final of the European Championship, and once the team even managed to take gold. The national team also has two gold of the Olympiad. Do not forget that not so long ago CSKA and Zenit won the Europa League (then in the UEFA Cup).

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The main bets

  • To the outcome or by double outcome.
    Everything is simple here, you can put on the main outcomes of the match (victory, defeat, draw) or one bet of 2 out of three outcomes.
  • To Total.
    It implies a general score of goals in the match, but there are other varieties, such as bets on individual total, on the total of a half, total segment of the match, etc.
  • On the exact account.
    Beginning players like to make such bets, but they bring large cash losses.
  • Taking into account the handicap.
    In each second football match, rivals of completely different levels are found, so it will not work without using the forces in bets.
  • On yellow cards, corner and removal.
    It is very difficult to calculate the probability of deletion in the game, as too much depends on random factors. But playing on cards and corners is quite possible. Many professional players specialize in these markets.
  • For the results of the season.
    It is better to beware of such bets, since the season for the team can end unpredictably. It is worth at least recall the last year of Anji’s golden era. Then everyone believed that the team could impose CSKA to the struggle for the championship, but in the end it took the last place in the table and flew to the FNL.

Analysis of football events

  • You must understand that it will not work to analyze 10-15 matches per day.
    It is better to take one or two games and concentrate on them.
  • Motivation is one of the most important criteria for football analysis.
    For example, in the Russian Cup you can play against the favorites, since strong teams do not consider the victory in this tournament something significant, and weak groups are always extremely tuned in favor with favorites.
  • Looking at the composition of the team, it must be borne in mind that the individual capabilities of football players mean nothing if the coach cannot establish a team game.
    Therefore, do not look like such an important factor as the playing of the team.
  • It is rare that a team can pass all season at the same level.
    Usually the team alternates successful and unsuccessful segments of the game. Therefore, pay attention to the last matches that clearly show the form of the team, but do not forget that the teams are both “home” and “away”.
  • Besides,
    When analyzing, take into account the statistics of personal meetings, players’ injuries, mood in teams, tournament tasks, the principality of the fight, weather conditions and a lot of other insignificant factors.

Features of football bets

Bookmakers offer paradise conditions for football bets. Open any BC, and you will make sure that football takes a significant part in its line. In addition, large limits for bets and quotes with a low margin are available to football fans.