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How Kaluga was left without big volleyball

From the older generation of Kaluga athletes, one could assemble a super-war-level super-trial. – Sports section in the news of Kaluga and Kaluga region

How Kaluga without a big volleyball was left

How Kaluga was left without big volleyball

On the volleyball map of Russia, the Kaluga region occupies a special place thanks to such outstanding, famous athletes as Alexander Savin, whose name is immortalized in the glory hall of world volleyball, Olympic winners Yaroslav Antonov and Alexander Saprykin, European champion Oleg Bulykin.

From the older generation of Kaluga volleyball players, one could assemble a super-war-level super-trial.

What were the prospects!

In the 2000s in Obninsk, where Alexander Savin was educated, they opened the Olympic reserve school and called it the name of this great athlete. Then a very strong women's team appeared in the science city.

And if the officials from sports paid at least some attention to her, they turned to her face and helped minimal, but stable financing, I am sure that the club from Obninsk in the two thousandth would be in the elite of Russian volleyball.

For several seasons, the Kaluga Club Oka was a stronghold of male volleyball in the region. Russian sports analysts were enthusiastically surprised at that how were the region’s backward in the sports plan were able to collect and prepare such a cool team? And the Oka continued to delight, rapidly gaining momentum in the elite of Russian volleyball! The Kalugans won two leagues of the country in a row.

For fans of volleyball (and there are plenty of them in Kaluga) – it was a fairy tale! During home games, the small hall of the Vympel sports school, where the Oka was more than modestly based, the apple had nowhere to fall! How sick! Human support was crazy! Such would be financial. Alas … promises to build a volleyball palace of sports for 3,000 spectators, which were given by officials at the highest level, turned out to be an empty sound.

But the realities turned out to be different

Very quickly, the main sporting pride of the region has become a burden for him. The team existed on subsidies from the regional budget. The club’s leadership independently tried to look for sponsors in the region, where almost every week new enterprises open with pomp, but instantly received hand for it: they say, you can’t act bypassing the leadership.

The situation with finances looked like this. The subsidy resolution was usually adopted in the month of March. The team received real money in April-May. And in order to somehow live, survive, the leaders of the club were forced to take loans. This went on from year to year. And “Oka”, despite all this absurd, catastrophic situation, continued to delight the fans. And in the end she got into the debt hole. The apogee of all this financial lawlessness was 2017.The Ministry of Sports of the Kaluga Region has published a new resolution on subsidies on November 19! So, for almost a year it was necessary to somehow exist, in fact without a single penny.

Alexander Savin – a century player according to the International Volleyball Federation, Olympic champion: “A strong male volleyball team must be in the Kaluga region. We have very rich traditions in this sport. Kaluga land raised a lot of volleyball champions. And in sports schools, many talented guys are now engaged in. ”
As a result, the male volleyball of our region without a team remained. So it is easier, no need to puzzle over the search for money for financing, partners for the team. Yes, in fact, do they need it? The main thing for officials is properly executed and on time handed over Ura-reports.

Who is the young to be equal to?

In Kaluga Sports Schools, half a thousand boys and girls train. In Obninsk, there are still 250 juniors dreaming of victories and high achievements. And this is not to mention other areas, where they are also engaged in volleyball in the sensational FOCs. Who to equal? Where do they go further?

Here is just one example. The pupil of Oka got into the youth team of Russia, where there were guys from Novosibirsk, New Urengoy, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, where a truly worthy attitude to the sport of higher achievements. Our ascending star was trained without turning hands, with one, but a big dream – to become a professional volleyball player. He returned home, but the team of professional in Kaluga is no longer there. There is nowhere to train. And no one. After some time, he again receives an invitation from the national team. He arrives, goes to the site and. He feels that he loses to his peers in competition for a place in the national team in all respects. And now the guy has a dream. The uncles were taken from sports. And the Kaluga region did not have a promising athlete, in whom so many coaching and his own forces were invested.

About future

In beach volleyball, we also recently lost the strongest athlete of the country. Oleg Stoyanovsky passed everything with the Obninsk club: formation in classical volleyball, victory at the youth championships of the world and Europe. Now he is the leader of the Russian team, the main hope at the Olympics in Tokyo. Only Oleg is already not playing for the Kaluga region. Why do our region Olympic champions?

Do not need their own Kaluga athletes. From the pupils of the Oka, one could now assemble a decent team. Sergei Loktionov received military baptism in a match with the best club in the world – Kazan Zenit. Now he performs in Yaroslavl, in the team of Super Leagues. By the way, the strongest tournament in the world.

Sergey Loktionov – Player of the Club of the Super League Yaroslavich:

“If there were no teams in Kaluga, then I don’t even know if the volleyball would become my profession.I got most of my knowledge here. I played a lot of games with strong teams for Oka. None of this would have been possible without it.

A few years ago, the team of the Kaluga region won the bronze of the finals of the Russian Championship. Our volleyball players showed that we need to invest in them, because this is the future of our sport. Nikita Savostyanov was in that team. I would love to have a young athlete now playing in Kaluga. Nowhere.

Nikita Savostyanov – player of the club Vladimir:

“As a player, I was formed when I played in the First League under the excellent coach Leonid Mitrofanov. There I got a lot. Oka did everything so that we would not think about anything but volleyball.

The Kaluga region will be represented this season only in the First League of men's volleyball. There are amateur teams. The leadership of the regional center and the region believe that such a beggarly existence is normal. Only now our children do not play for Kaluga.

The opinion of one of the children's trainers:

“I'd rather send pupils to Moscow, Novosibirsk. There is not yet a coach and a team where they will grow up.

There is no team. There is a trainer. Aleksey Kulachonok is a long-term captain of the Oka, under whom Kaluga volleyball has risen to unprecedented heights. He came to Kaluga more than 10 years ago and decided to settle in our region. Two-time world champion and now plays for the veterans of the Kaluga region. And this team, by the way, won the “gold” of the Russian championship in September.

Alexey Kulachonok is a two-time world champion:

“I worked the last season with the Kaluga Junior team. I was lucky that these guys went to a good school in our region in their childhood. You can and should work with them. In a year or two, out of 18-year-old boys, we would have made a strong team, for a start – the Major League B. The main thing is to create conditions. Otherwise, the guys will end up with volleyball. Look at Loktionov and Savostyanov, they grew up here because there was a strong club. There is nothing left now.

Kaluga volleyball has everything: great traditions, sports schools, promising youth. There is only one thing missing – attention to the sport itself. But no other region has given Russia such a number of champions and prize-winners of the Olympic Games.

Author: Nikolai EGOROV.

This article was published in No. 45 of the Kaluga Crossroads newspaper dated 11/07/2018. Even more interesting materials can be found in the paper version and the electronic archive of the publication.

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