Bookmakers: Sports Predictions and Live Football Betting Online

Since its introduction, live sports betting has quickly become one of the most popular forms of gambling available at online bookmakers. Of course, live betting has its advantages and disadvantages. Winning can be difficult if we approach them with a hot head.

Nevertheless, many excellent forecasters specialize in predicting live matches and profit from it. If you want to know the key to their success, you’ve come to the right place.

Advantages of betting on live matches

Let’s start by presenting the pros and cons of this sports betting option mentioned in the introduction.

Huge number of events

You can bet online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bookmakers usually offer several to several tens of thousands of bets on events per week, which means the betting possibilities are almost limitless.

Of course, most bets are placed on soccer, which is not surprising. After all, it is the most popular sport in Europe and one of the most popular sports in the world.

The ability to bet live according to the spirit of the game

The great advantage of live betting is that we can bet live according to the spirit of the game. Obviously, it is best to have access to live event broadcasts on television or online.

This can make the task much easier.

Attractive odds

If you bet “live,” you have a better chance of getting good odds, especially if you are patient.

Changing live betting odds can be a powerful tool in the hands of an observant forecaster. It can bring good profits.

A big dose of adrenaline

The essence of live betting is that it can guarantee players a huge dose of adrenaline.

Especially if we have access to the broadcasts from the meeting in question.

Then watching the matches, and betting becomes much more interesting.

However, we must admit, it is hardly an entertainment for the faint of heart.

Disadvantages of live betting

Like almost everything – where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. It is the same with live betting.

Let’s see what players should pay attention to when betting on live matches.


What, on the one hand, is an advantage of predicting live matches, on the other hand, is its biggest disadvantage. Impulse bets, as soon as we notice a high bet, usually end up losing. Unless, of course, you have done a thorough analysis of that bet beforehand.

Worse, losing often leads to frustration and a desire to win back quickly, which in turn leads to even bigger losses. This is a mistake very often made by players who are just starting their game with live betting.

Constant struggle with time

Entering bets while playing is actually a constant struggle with time, and it can often feel like someone is chasing you. The constant pressure makes it easier to make a mistake. Especially since we have much less time to analyze a bet in detail, unlike pre-match betting.

The risk of addiction

Being able to bet as we play can greatly stimulate our senses. Which can lead to the risk of addiction, regardless of player experience, especially if we spend long hours in front of a computer screen or mobile device.

Live betting tips

How to predict live matches so that they are profitable? This question is asked by a large number of players who are looking for a gold mine of guaranteed big profits.

Although it often takes many years to develop such skills, there is no doubt that you can make money betting “live”.

Don’t limit yourself to just one bookmaker

If you plan to get serious about live betting, I do not recommend you to limit yourself to playing at one bookmaker’s office. Opening accounts with multiple bookmakers will give you access to a wider range of odds and more events, thus increasing your chances of winning.

In addition, you will find an initial bonus in the offer of each of the legal bookmakers, which can usually also be used for live betting.

Analysis is the key to success

Although live betting is slightly different from betting before a match, you should also not shy away from analyzing the stats before a match.

Live betting should always be approached with a game plan or you will quickly run out of money.

Avoid betting on cup matches

Not many goals are usually scored in games of this type. This is due to the fact that the starting lineup is often different from that in league matches. Conversely, if a team manages to create a clear advantage on the scoreboard, it often focuses on defense.

This is especially evident in European cup matches, where the stakes are very high. Here the players play very cautiously and focus primarily on defensive actions. Thus, players have limited room to maneuver when it comes to choosing bets that have a good chance of success.

Wait until there is a better time to bet

One of the characteristics that an effective real-time betting tipster must possess is the ability to wait for the best time to place a bet. As you know, soccer matches are divided into halves. They, in turn, consist of phases during which you can expect certain player behavior.

  • As a rule, the most interesting moment for betting is the last quarter of the game.
  • This is where the most activity takes place on the field. The greatest number of goals scored,
  • The greatest number of standard positions are recorded and the greatest number of cards are shown.
  • At this time, we can observe the mobilization of both teams to make up for losses or maintain their advantage,
  • gained early in the match.

Check the current form of the teams

This primarily applies to live betting on soccer, basketball, hockey and tennis. In modern sports, teams and players from these disciplines play several dozen matches per season. Therefore, they may experience minor or major fluctuations in form.

It is very rare that a given team or player can play at 100% for an entire season. Therefore, it is necessary to check the form of your chosen teams and athletes, just like when placing bets on pre-match events.

Play Soberly

Although live sports betting is a way to relax, and often many players relax with the proverbial “beer”, we strongly recommend betting soberly. Alcohol slows down our reactions, which is so important when betting live. It can also have a negative effect on our rational thinking.

Approach the printing in your best mental and physical state.

Take into account the substitution of players

This is a particularly important issue when we are predicting games between highly ranked teams, who play different fronts every day, and lower ranked teams.

After the first half, his team loses to lower-ranked Newcastle. The Spanish coach reacted at halftime and put his two best players on the field.

The game is reversed – City wins and picks up 3 points, all at a higher bet than if we had decided to make that bet at the beginning of the second half.

Control your budget

A very important tip. One of the key elements of a live betting strategy is to control your budget. Since these matches are often driven by emotion and can be associated with big losses, it is very important to set a budget before the game starts and never exceed it under any circumstances. This will allow you to avoid major losses if things do not go well for you.

Play responsibly – live sports betting

Last, but not least, an important tip. As I mentioned before, when talking about the disadvantages of live betting, it can lead to gambling addiction and, as a result, further financial and family problems.

Conclusion: Is live betting worth it?

Live betting is certainly worthy of attention. They can provide us with great entertainment and maybe even a quick profit. Nevertheless, remember to approach live betting with a “cool head” and preferably with a predetermined budget that you should not exceed.

Of course, live sports betting is not a game that we can recommend with a clear conscience to impatient and impulsive players, they are the ones that usually bring the bookmakers the biggest profits.