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Overview of the bookmaker is the Internet domain of the not-so-famous Russian bookmaker, which has a rather impressive number of reception points in the Russian Federation

Review of the bookmaker 888 is the Internet domain of the well-known Russian bookmaker, which has a rather impressive number of betting shops in the Russian Federation. In general, the number 888 is quite well-known in the world of betting and, probably, it should immediately be emphasized that has nothing to do with the world-famous Western bookmaker 888 Holdings. Perhaps the creators of wanted to manipulate the name in order to draw attention to their person, using the resemblance to a well-known brand, and, I must say, they succeeded to some extent. But whatever you call the ship, it’s still more important how it feels on the water. In the review, we will analyze whether it is possible to go to the open ocean of rates from or it is worth looking for another vessel.


As stated in the preface, belongs to LLC, whose history begins back in 2004, when the company bore the proud name of Aphrodite. In the summer of 2012, the company received a license from the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, since then it has been an absolutely legal bookmaker. But began its active life in the Russian online betting market only at the beginning of 2016. During its existence, the site has not resorted to significant changes and is intended solely for betting. Only two language versions are available – Russian and English, which is logical in principle, due to the focus on the Russian market. The site is easy to use – some will say. A site with a disgusting interface – others will say. Both the first and the second will be right, as indeed, done for an amateur.

Bookmaker works legally and cooperates with TsUPIS (interactive betting center). This automatically means that, firstly, the better will have to pay taxes, and secondly, a multi-stage registration. Some enthusiasts claim that you can register in less than an hour. We invite you to see for yourself if this is the case. The first step is the familiar standard filling out of the form on the site and confirmation of your registration by e-mail. The second is the creation of an account on the TSUPIS website. There is the procedure is very similar, you agree to the rules, indicate all the necessary data, including age with confirmation by mobile phone. In principle, it would be possible to stop there, but it only gets more difficult. For another intricate process, you will need to leave your comfortable home, get to the Svyaznoy or Euroset salon, which are direct partners of TsUPIS, show your passport there, pay 100 rubles for it and wait for the news via SMS – is that all okay with your registration. You need to wait for 3 hours, sometimes more.During this time, according to the logic of the creators of this marathon, you must return home, go to Skype, and there, in a video conversation with the manager, visually confirm that you are the same person who decided to register. What a potential better will have to go through if he lives in a small town where there are no TsUPIS partners and he does not own a webcam is generally hard to imagine.


To begin with, for a couple of moments, let's return to the site, which is essentially uncomplicated. There are sections Event View, Events and, deserving more attention, the Multi-monitor option, which allows you to select several sports, and with the help of a live calendar, you can study which fights are coming. Quite comfortable and functional. There is also a “News” section, which we do not recommend looking into, they come across old and irrelevant there. Online broadcasts are available, some only with a positive account balance. In comparison with similar offices, online broadcasts are not enough.

Line is represented by more than 30 sports, which is quite good, but lacks the scale, or something. Boring, no punch line. Football and tennis in terms of painting is not inferior to direct competitors in the betting market, all other types are rather weak. Plus, even if we talk about football, for example, where everything seems to be in order with the painting in fact, but it looks unacceptable visually. Everything is mixed together, there is no discipline, totals can be divided into several parts – some at the beginning, others at the end, inconvenient, in general.

Live-line – a good selection of matches, football is in the top again, there are even its bottoms with a relatively good painting. But among the minuses, it is worth highlighting the poor functionality of live, it often happens that betting is closed for hours, everything just freezes and the service is not usable. Need improvement.

Odds can not be recorded in the asset of the bookmaker Average or below average performance is not pleasing to the better's eye. The margin is high, often exceeding 10%, especially in side bets. This bookmaker is not in a hurry to lower the margin even in top events, up to a maximum of 7%, and even then on big holidays. But do not be surprised if, with equal chances for teams, you will meet odds of 1.85 to 1.85 – this is quite normal for


Input funds can be made using VISA and MasterCard bank cards, mobile operators, Euroset, Svyazno, and YandexMoney. That's it, the list of ways ends here, as you can see, it turns out to be not very large. One of the favorite e-wallets of Russian players, WebMoney, is missing, which needs to be taken into account, as for many this may be an unpleasant surprise. In terms of withdrawal, it is still poorer, only the previously mentioned bank cards and electronic wallets.

Also, do not forget about the tax, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. At withdrawal money from the office, you will be charged 13% of the amount indicated for withdrawal. The available game currency is the ruble and only it.The advantages of the office include the fact that all the processes of depositing and withdrawing funds occur, if not instantly, then quickly. And Support service works well. Both 24/7 telephone assistance and online chat are available.

BONUSES AND PROMOTIONS does not offer bonuses popular on the betting market for the first deposit or for registration. And in general, the promotional section on the site is poor. There is an opportunity only for a free bet for 2000 rubles, the promotion period is unlimited. You are offered a free bet in the form of an accumulator for 3 events with no limits on odds, the winnings from which will remain on your gaming account. Basically, it’s tempting.


It just so happened historically and mentally that it is not easy for someone who is honest or tries to be honest to come in life. So with, working on a completely legal basis, the bookmaker is digging a hole for itself. Of course, it’s good that everything is in accordance with the laws, that does not evade taxes. This is definitely a plus for this bookmaker. But what does it look like from the consumer’s point of view? If you add the high margin of this bookmaker to 13% of taxes, then go ahead, try to get a profit, even if the player has a positive percentage of wins.

What is this bookmaker of the essential, besides legality, can put in a piggy bank with pluses? Low odds, inferior to many in the Russian market, poor line, lack of width.

Does the average better want to go through the most complicated registration procedure, getting into the net of a 13% tax on his hard-to-get winnings? The answer is yours.