There is no place in sports in sports?

Izhevsk claims the title of arms capital of Russia. It would seem that this alone obliges to develop rifle sport in Udmurtia. | UDM-Info

There is no place in sports in sports?

For several years now they have been trying to close a stand for standing shooting for children. This year, the situation became critical – the land on which the rifle stand is located, they want to sell apartment buildings to the developer.

Sticks in the wheels

At the beginning of the “zero” schools in the standing shooting in Izhevsk, they tried to close. Then Mikhail Kalashnikov intervened in the conflict. The legendary designer of small arms wrote a letter to the head of Rostec with a request not to touch the school. This agreement was enough for 15 years. And in recent years, the coaches and pupils of the school live like on a powder barrel.

“Since 2015, we began to cut the budget. In the old years, we were allocated 12 million a year. These funds were laid on salaries to employees, on rent, for sports equipment. Now we are sent 5.5 million a year – this is barely enough for salaries and rent, ”says coach Igor Kuznetsov,“ in 2017, a meeting was held in the Izhevsk administration regarding the liquidation of the school. We accidentally found out about this, raised noise. In the end, the republic took the school in care. ”

At the end of last year, it became known that the school was waiting for a change again.

“They will not close a sports school at a stand shooting. Now there is a process of joining the school to the complex school of the Olympic reserve of Udmurtia, ”the Ministry of Sports assured.

Parents were not against such an outcome, but the process dragged on, and the situation became critical.

“In early April, we need to go to the Russian championship, and the children since the end of November did not hold weapons in their hands because the cartridges were not purchased. Parents began to alarm, forced the school principal Vladimir Krylov to hold a parent meeting. It was then that it turned out that we did not extend the license, ”the coach says,“ once every four years we must extend the license for storing and wearing weapons. In November, the Russian Guard found deficiencies at the rifle stand. Before that, they came to us with a check in August. According to the director, there were no complaints about us then. Parents asked to see the instructions of the Russian Guard, but our director refused to submit documents. Only later did we learn that it was necessary to install the lattice in the arms room and increase the thickness of the walls. Parents were ready to do everything themselves, but Krylov did not allow this. As a result, our children have not trained for four months. ”

Parents believe that the director has come to terms with the situation and wants to calmly finalize the last months.

“He told us right at the meeting:“ I’ll finalize it quietly until the school was closed. ” He doesn’t care about us, for children, he does not root for school. We ourselves go to the Ministry of Sports and knock out money for competitions, ”parents are outraged.

He will leave the hammer

Parents and coaches felt something was wrong due to the long stop of the training process. As it turned out later, they were not worried in vain.

“All the talk is leading to the fact that the site where the shooting stand is located (Kambarskaya St., 198) will be sold. The land has already been appraised, but has not yet been put up for auction. But soon this will definitely happen – there is already a development plan, there will be multi-storey buildings. “Komos-Group” claims this land,” one of the parents found out, “I raised all the documents. The land belongs to the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant. After the privatization of the plant, the land ceased to be urban. Now the company is selling its assets. Our booth is among these resources.”

The words of the parents are partly confirmed in the order of the administration of the Pervomaisky district of Izhevsk dated February 20, 2021.

“Approve the conclusion on the results of public discussions on the issue of granting permission for a conditionally permitted type of use of land plots located at the address: Izhevsk, Kambarskaya Street in Pervomaisky District in accordance with the city’s land use and development rules: “Multi-apartment residential buildings of 18 floors and above” .

It should be noted that on the general plan of 2006, the territory of the stand is designated as sports complexes and facilities. On the master plan for 2020, the territory is designated as a zone of multifunctional residential and public-business development of ZhD1.

Parents asked the city administration: “When and on what basis did the stand cease to be a sports facility?” To which they received a very vague response:

“The zoning of the territory was changed during the preparation of amendments to the General Plan of the city, while all proposals were considered by the commission. Positive decisions were taken into account by the developers of the General Plan. After passing the procedure of public hearings in accordance with the established procedure, as well as all the necessary approvals, the project was approved.”

“They never explained to us on what grounds the land was transferred from one category to another. And why was the school management not aware of any hearings?” parents are surprised.

Meanwhile, the federal law “On the Transfer of Land or Land Plots from One Category to Another” states that the process of changing the category of a plot must be initiated by an interested person, while the transfer act must contain the grounds for changing the category of land.

There is an exit

Both coaches and parents have already resigned themselves to the fact that this piece of land will most likely be sold. But there is a way out of this situation.

“We have an investor, my good friend. He is ready to invest in the construction of a new shooting range. And everyone knows about it. Our authorities only need to allocate a plot for construction. We asked to find land closer to the city, so that children of 10-11 years old could get to school on their own.The only thing they were able to offer us was a plot in Zavyalovsky district, not far from the airport. But here there were difficulties. It turned out that in a radius of 15 km from the airport, dangerous objects cannot be built. The potential area for the rifle stand is included in this distance, while the range of our shooting is only 120 meters, ”complains Igor Kuznetsov. – The investor is waiting for a decision from our authorities. Today he wants to build a stand, and tomorrow he can lose interest. And then no one will give money to the stand. The shade of the funds from the republic will be unrealistic. In addition, not so long ago, the president of the International Rifle Sports Federation, Vladimir Lisin, who told us: “If you build a shooting range in Izhevsk, I will provide you with the latest equipment.” But the purchase of equipment will cost about the same amount as the construction of the shooting range – about 100 million rubles. In a favorable scenario in Udmurtia, a shooting range of the highest level may appear. Such prospects – and our authorities are not moving.

The coaches are supported by both parents and pupils: “If we have a good shooting range, then we will be able to hold all -Russian competitions here, we will be given quotas for the stages of the Russian Cup. The republic will allocate additional money from the federal budget. ”

Like others?

In Udmurtia, there is only one school of shooting. The nearest schools are in Kazan and Yekaterinburg. Mostly in these cities the guys go to the competition.

“We were in Tatarstan in competitions several times. This is the earth and the sky. There is modern equipment, everything has been done for students. Our school was built in the 85th year, and since then they have not been invested in it, ”says the mother of one of the students of Angela Yasoveeva. – Athletes from other regions ask our coaches: Why don't you invite us to competitions? And we have no conditions for the competition. I sincerely do not understand how the pupils of the school achieve high results in shooting? Many wards of our trainers perform in the Russian team, participate in the selection for the Olympics. Our children have one option – to achieve good results faster to be invited to play for other regions. There they are in full support. And in Udmurtia, rifle sport is based on the enthusiasm of coaches and parents. ”

Parents in this situation feel their helplessness. They are amazed at the indifference of the authorities.

“We can’t even help the school, we cannot go to the store and buy cartridges – we need special permission. What should we do so that you finally believe that we have very good and talented children in Udmurtia, especially in rifle forms? We have the best weapon! Udmurtia should be the first in this area, we should have the best arrows! ” – Parents are indignant.

During the preparation of the material, it became known that the National Guard of Udmurtia extended the school's license.

Currently, after the sports school has eliminated the identified comments, the Center for Licensing and Permitting of the Office of the National Guard in the Udmurt Republic has issued a permit for the storage and use of weapons at a shooting facility with a validity period from 03/29/2021 to 03/29/2024, the statement said. .

At the same time, the Russian Championship was held. Among the girls, the first three places were taken by natives of Udmurtia. True, two of them are in favor of other regions – St. Petersburg and Tatarstan. The boys also showed excellent results – our athlete won bronze. Without training and proper support, shooters from Udmurtia manage to show the highest results in all-Russian competitions.