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The sports news of this meeting was eagerly awaited by the fans of two teams. And they were not disappointed with the Gomel derby, in which the squads of the warhead and VRZ came together in the match of the 10th round of the Premier League of Belarus

Sports news

The fans of two teams were looking forward to this meeting. And they were not disappointed with the Gomel derby, in which the squads of the warhead and VRZ came together in the match of the 10th round of the Premier League of Belarus for Mini-football (futsal).

Opponents spend not the first season in the elite division and have met more than once both in the regular championship and in the playoffs. In recent years, carbone builders often won – by the way, the owners of silver medals of the past championship. However, in the last match, the railroad workers managed to turn this unpleasant trend.

From the first minutes, the VRZ team played the first number, trying to push the opponents to the penalty area. But shock on the goal performed by carbone builders could not be called dangerous. The railway workers who performed in blue form confidently defended themselves and waited for the right moment to go into a counterattack. Such a case was introduced in the 5th minute. Maxim Konov salted in this episode. He launched an attack on the right flank, struck the first blow that was repelled by one of the defenders of the VRZ. The ball bounced to our athlete, and he, without thinking twice, again struck on goal. This time – exactly on the target!

The missed ball only spurred the carbone builders. They brought down all their power to the opponent. There were many moments for taking the gate, but the VRZ team achieved success only once. At the end of the 13th minute, the goal was scored by Vladislav Selyuk. Note that the goalkeeper of the railway workers Yegor Chipulis repulsed the first blow, but could not cope with the ball bounced to the opponent – 1: 1.

In the second half, the speed on the site was no longer so high. Both teams were careful, afraid to take risks. But they did not want to agree on a draw. And luck again smiled at the railway workers. In the 31st minute, Sergei Silononchik introduced the ball into the game from Auta and disappeared Archil Sabiskeverdze. And he struck on the goal with one touch. The leather sphere, by some miracle, did not hurt any of the players of both teams and ended up in the net. Bravo, Archil!

The car builders went forward again. In some moments, only the high skill of the goalkeeper of the railway workers Yegor Chipulis saved from taking the gate. That’s what the reliable last line means! And soon the warhead team increased the separation in the account. In the 33rd minute, the captain of our squad Konstantin Kuskov said a weighty word. Once one on one with the goalkeeper of the car builder, he struck a targeted blow to the right upper corner of the gate. The account has already been 3: 1 in favor of the team in blue.

Shortly before the meeting, the VRZ squad replaced the goalkeeper with a fifth field player. But this did not bring the desired result. One and a half minutes before the final siren, the railwayman Sergey Silononchik scored the fourth goal of carrunists. The ball flew into the empty gate. The warhead team won 4: 1.BC head coach Dmitry Nekrashevich:

– I would call our game rational. We settled on just such a variant of the last meeting. We were not very active, but proceeded from our capabilities. We knew that the opposing team was fast and well out of pressure, so we chose a different tactic. I would like to thank the guys, because the pressure from the other side was very strong. Thanks to everyone, including those who sat on the bench and supported teammates. Separately, I note our goalkeeper, who calmly led the defense and did his job very well. These are the ingredients of today’s success.

The next match the BC team will play with the reigning champion of the country Viten. The meeting will take place on December 9 in Orsha.

Tournament table

Team And AT H P M O
1. Capital 9 8 0 1 76-14 24
2. warhead 9 8 0 1 50-21 24
3. Viten 8 7 1 0 45-19 22
4. VRZ 9 6 2 1 36-14 20
5. Minsk 9 6 0 3 40-22 18
6. Protection-Dynamo 10 4 1 5 36-40 13
7. Dynamo-BNTU 9 3 3 3 33-26 12
8. UVD-Dynamo 10 3 2 5 32-26 11
9. Road builder 9 2 2 5 34-40 8
10. Borisov-900 9 2 1 6 20-41 7
11. CCC 9 1 3 5 18-41 6
12. Lida 9 1 0 8 15-64 3
13. First Region 9 0 1 8 17-84 1


Memorial Tournament Vitaly Sharbur

The Lokomotiv team for the first time took part in the International Football Tournament among veterans in memory of the honored coach of the BSSR Vitaly Sharbur. The matches were held in Mogilev on the field of the indoor football arena of FC Dnepr-Mogilev.

The primary purpose of such meetings is to honor the memory of a famous athlete. This time the tournament brought together eight teams from Belarus and Russia: Lokomotiv, Energetik, Sparta, Energia, Bobruisk, Orsha, Flagman-Baltika (Kaliningrad) and the national team of the Mogilev region. Initially, they were divided into two groups, in which the play-offs took place. Then the leaders sorted out the relationship between themselves on the site. The fights turned out to be tense, no one wanted to concede. In Lokomotiv, two athletes were injured, and the team played out already in a truncated line-up.

As a result, the first place was taken by the Mogilev Sparta, in which the best scorer of the competition Vitaly Bulyga was the soloist. Lokomotiv is in sixth position. Igor Arshavsky was recognized as the best among the railway workers. After the end of the games, the players discussed their course, strategy and technique. It was also decided to participate in these competitions in the future.
The international football tournament among veterans in memory of the honored coach of the BSSR Vitaly Sharbur was first held in Mogilev in 2011. The initiators of its holding were students, colleagues, friends of the famous athlete and just fans of this game. Member of the Great Patriotic War, goalkeeper of the Leningrad Dynamo of the USSR Major League, coach, referee, organizer of veteran competitions, commentator and journalist Vitaly Sharbur was distinguished by his professionalism and responsible attitude to everything he undertook. He died at the age of 82, having not changed his beloved business until the last day.