Sport Action Acrobatia Studio in Grodno

The first studio of air acrobatics in Grodno, which is raising champions and winners of international competitions. Air gymnastics classes on the ring, canvas and pylon.

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Sport Action is the first aircraft acrobatics studio in Grodno, which brings up champions and winners of international competitions.

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  • Airy gymnastics in the ring – A unique type of acrobatics, which combines lightness and grace, flexibility and strength. Shpagate elements and acrobatic tricks are performed on a suspended dynamic ring. Height – at the level of an outstretched arm. A beautiful figure will be a pleasant bonus: such classes will allow you to tighten the body and learn how to control it better, improve flexibility and become more graceful.
  • Air acrobatics on the canvas – The spectacular direction of sports. Tricks are combined with lifts, windings, cliffs and plastic ligaments. The canvas in the hall is fixed at a height of 4.5 meters. Air acrobatics on the canvas will acquire beautiful posture, endurance, stretching, strengthen the muscles of the back, arms and press.
  • Airborne athletics on the pylon – A good replacement for the gym and fitness. You will learn how to make acrobatic elements, racks, breakdowns and twists on a static and rotating shell. Pulling and push -ups will cease to be a problem. Pilon is one of the most complex shells.
  • Pilates – Not just exercises on rugs. These are classes based on yoga and gymnastics that help tighten the figure and strengthen the muscles.
  • Stretching – Ideal for those who want to develop flexibility and improve posture. Stretching does not require physical preparation, therefore it is suitable for everyone.
  • Professional training. You can start engaging in air gymnastics to participate in competitions at any age and with any level of flexibility. Many students of Sport Action – World Champions. Preparation for professional competitions takes an average of about six months.

Groups are formed depending on the training of students: beginners, amateurs and professionals. In each from 8 to 14 people. Thanks to the small groups and the competent approach of the coach, everyone is given the maximum amount of attention. The distribution of loads and safety mats make it possible to exclude the risk of injuries.

The founder of the studio

The founder of the first studio of air acrobatics in Grodno – Irina Chimbur.

  • Winner of republican and international competitions;
  • Two -time European champion of 2018;
  • Three -time world champion 2019;
  • Six -time world champion 2021 in air acrobatics;
  • President of the Belarusian Republican Airborne Athletics Federation;
  • Judge of the international class;
  • Head of the IFAS Central Department in Belarus;
  • The organizer of the republican competitions in Belarus, and in Europe.

Pupils bring gold, silver and bronze medals with each competition in which they participate.