Payment and replenishment PokerMatch through terminal

You can replenish the PokerMatch score in several ways. One of the most convenient is replenishment through a payment terminal.

PokerMatch replenishment through the terminal


PokerMatch players replenish the balance not only with the help of common payment systems, but also using the terminals of receiving payments. Using this method, you can make money literally in every city. The minimum contribution is taken from 1 UAH. There are no commission when paying. Funds come to the account for one or two minutes. Terminal networks are common in Ukraine, cover 85% of the country.

The terminals are distinguished by design, but most often to pay for a poker, you must go to the Games and Social Networks menu. To replenish the balance, the account number in PokerMatch is entered, which you will find next to the login on the casino portal. The number can be remembered, or discharge into a notebook, so that when performing a contribution through the terminal there are no difficulties.


To replenish the poker match through the terminal, follow the following actions sequentially:

  • First you need to find the payment point, then select the “Games” tab, or “other services”. A familiar PokerMatch website logo will appear.
  • Click on the logo and in the opening introductory line, enter the game account number. To complete the payment, click on the “forward” button.Pokermatch
  • Then pay the amounts and click “Pay”.
  • After passing the payment, the money will be on your balance in Poker Rum. An inscription will appear on the screen with a proposal to issue a receipt.
  • Until the time of receipt of money, it is recommended to maintain a receipt. Especially in the first payment. This process usually takes up to five minutes.

Remember that the terminal does not give out change, which means that all funds will arrive immediately for balance.

The terminals of replenishment of poker

To learn about the location of the terminals: City24, IBOX, EASYPAY, FC-System, 2Click, visit official sites for studying the map where the location of the terminals is noted.

Now replenishing the game account is simple: find the machine to replenish the machine on the map, study the instructions to make everything without errors and make the amount you need. Money will be received at the address within a few minutes.

Instructions for replenishment

By choosing the terminal, go to the menu social networks, games or additional services. In the list that opens, you need to find the PokerMatch logo and click on it.

After choosing the application, a window for entering a game account will open in the terminal window, the balance of which will be replenished. Покер румы