Group classes

Group classes in a fitness club are held under the guidance of a coach. We have several areas of training: aerobic classes, power, mixed format, dance, water. Please note that many classes have several levels, both for beginners and prepared.

List of group classes

Lower Body eFrone power lesson for training the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdominal press using various equipment. Improves the shape, strength and endurance of muscles. Promotes weight loss. Suitable for any level of preparedness.

Pilates Mat, Reformer – a system of exercises aimed at detailed study of the muscles of the body, including small, not involved in ordinary exercises, an increase in the mobility of the joints, spine and elasticity of the ligaments. Classes are held on mat or special equipment (reformer).

Yoga– A combination of static poses with dynamic exercises and breathing practices. A technique that helps us get closer to inner harmony through conscious work with the physical body. Medium intensity is suitable for any level of training.

Stretch – This is a set of exercises aimed at developing flexibility and stretching. Stretching is also widely used as a rehabilitation program after various injuries. Classes will prevent stretching of muscles, tendons and ligaments, contribute to the speedy restoration of muscles after loads, improve the supply of muscles with oxygen and nutrients.

Cycle -This is a bicycle aerobic, the main advantages of this lesson are that Sycle is a very emotional and energy-intensive lesson, which includes fascination, speed and good mood. Basically, the lesson imitates the bike in different speed modes taking into account a variety of load. The imitation involves the race along the highway, uphill, over rough terrain, on sand, with various positions of the hands and position of the body sitting and standing.

Thaiboxing – The martial art of Thailand. Fights in Thai boxing are in full contact. The basis of Muai-Tai is a shock technique. The enemy strikes are applied at all levels: in the head, on the case, arms and legs, elbows and knees. Captures and throws in Thai boxing play a less significant role.

Boxing – Contact sport, martial arts in which athletes strike each other with fists in special gloves. Boxing classes develop such necessary qualities as instant reaction, coordination, strength, endurance, confidence. Training develop and load all muscle groups, legs are especially well training. And what is very important – the respiratory system develops and improves.

Body Sculpt – combines elements of aerobics, strength training, pilates and stretching. Cardio – warm -up for health of the cardiovascular system and calorie burning.Strength exercises to strengthen all muscle groups. Core exercises for toned abs, a healthy spine, and good coordination. Stretching exercises for flexibility and grace.

ABS+STRETCH – this is a strength training of the abdominal muscles in combination with stretching exercises for the main muscle groups. First of all, such a lesson will help you get a flat, toned stomach, strengthen your back muscles, and increase flexibility.

NATES+STRETCH- training aimed at strengthening the gluteal muscles and lower back. The second part of the workout is a set of exercises to relax and stretch the main muscle groups. Suitable for all fitness levels, 55 minutes.

Airfit – a system of exercises aimed at strengthening all the muscles of the body, arms and especially the legs and muscles of the stabilizers, and these are the arms, thighs and buttocks. We work a lot with the weight of our body, thus adjusting the load options from easy to complex. With static balances, which positively affects balance and coordination. And music and proper breathing encourage and help keep the rhythm.

Airstretch – the system of classes on a yoga hammock allows you to effectively stretch after fitness training, relieve tension from the muscles of the arms, legs and back. Here we develop the flexibility of the whole body and work on the splits both longitudinal and transverse in an accessible form. The fact is that a yoga hammock gives lightness and excitement to the atmosphere of the lesson. After class, power loads are not recommended.

Power body  power aerobics, fitness, the purpose of performing exercises is to strengthen all the muscles of the body, to form a good relief (including by burning excess subcutaneous fat). Side effects of body power classes are a general strengthening effect, healing the body. Normalizes blood circulation, the work of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems, respiration.

Healthy back – in the classes on a healthy back, we are engaged in the prevention of curvature and other ailments of the spine. There are many exercises to relieve tension from the lower back, spinal column and general strengthening of the joints. The right combination of static exercises, spinal traction and deep breathing gives ease. These exercises return mobility to the back, neck and grace of movement.

Functional training – this is a world-famous training system that activates the metabolism, harmoniously develops the whole body, corrects the figure, toning the muscles without increasing their volume. Each exercise of the complex involves a large number of muscle groups, including the deep stabilizing muscles of the abs, back and hips, responsible for the stability, balance and beauty of your every movement.

Interval training  Interval training involves alternating intense exercise and rest. They strengthen the cardiovascular system, develop endurance, promote fat burning, strengthen muscles.

Intensive – Intensive, fat – burning training that involves all muscle groups. It includes a wide range of various exercises that allow you to actively work out the whole body in 55 minutes with energy costs up to 800 kcal.

TRX – Functional training using TRX loops. Such training develops both external and deep layers of muscles, increasing the balance, coordination and endurance training for any level of preparedness, 55 minutes.

Body ballet – Specific training, combining elements of classical dance, stretching, pilates. Aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back, press, legs. Promotes elasticity of ligaments, joint mobility. Develops coordination, a sense of rhythm, hearing, memory. The lesson passes under musical accompaniment and is shown for people of any level of training, 55 minutes.

LEG-SPLIT – The twine shows not only the flexibility of the human body, but is a sign of healthy joints and bones. The ability to sit on the twine will be needed not only by women, but also to men. Medium -intensity, suitable for any level of preparation, 55 minutes.

Fitness Yoga – A consistent popular direction that strengthens the body that increases muscle tone is aimed at optimizing and improving the functioning of internal organs. The lesson combines all the advantages of fitness and yoga, harmoniously shifting them.

Фитнес-йога: что это, как правильно заниматься, упражнения

Bodily therapy – harmonious study of the deep structures of the body and mental state using methods of yoga, yogatherapy, osteopathy and Chinese traditional medicine. The purpose of therapy: maintaining the muscles in a state of normal tone, removing hypertonicity, restoring the integrity and anatomicality of the motor apparatus. Balancing the central nervous system, normalization of the corporate of internal organs.