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Make a bet on football in the bookmaker: the line of events for today. The best online bookmakers. The opinion of experts about football matches.

Football bets

Football rates and announcements of the nearest football matches that are relevant coefficients for the gathering of events along the BC lines. Select the match of interest, click on the announcement and get all the detailed information on the forecast.

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Football: bets for today, schedule and statistics

Select the desired section and find out the schedule of the upcoming matches, the results of the games, the position in the standings or statistics on the players.

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19:00 04 May FC Krasnodar Lokomotiv M P1: 2.85 x: 3.4 P2: 2.69

On the upcoming Wednesday in Krasnodar, a duel of the 19th round of the Russian Premier League will be held at the Krasnodar stadium, in which a local Krasnodar and Moscow locomotive will play among themselves. According to bookmakers, guests have a slightly more chance of winning in the upcoming meeting. However, Krasnodar is a very unyielding opponent.

Krasnodar last weekend was able to beat Rostov in the southern derby with a score of 2: 1. Thanks to this result, the “bulls” interrupted the two -match series of defeats and.

18:00 06 May wings of the Soviets Dynamo M P1: 3.42 x: 3.42 p2: 2.32
14:00 07 May Ural Spartak M P1: 4.66 x: 3.4 p2: 1.97
16:30 07 May Zenit Khimki P1: 1.23 x: 7.6 p2: 13.5
16:30 07 May Nizhny Novgorod Akhmat P1: 3.62 x: 3.3 p2: 2.28
19:00 07 May CSKA M FC Sochi P1: 2.03 x: 3.62 P2: 4.04
14:00 08 May FC Ufa FC Rostov P1: 2.84 x: 3.2 p2: 2.84
16:30 08 May Arsenal Tula FC Krasnodar P1: 3.01 x: 3.52 P2: 2.5
19:00 08 May Lokomotiv M Rubin P1: 1.84 x: 3.62 P2: 5.05
22:00 04 May Real M Manchester City P1: 3.1 x: 3.75 p2: 2.1

On the upcoming Wednesday in Madrid, at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the reciprocal match of the Champions League semi -finals will be held, in which the local Real and Manchester City will play among themselves. According to bookmakers, guests are favorites of the upcoming meeting. However, Real is a very unypted opponent.

Madrid Real in the first match against Manchester City already by the 11th minute lost with a score of 0: 2. It seemed that the situation of “creamy” was hopeless and they would finally be crushed to an end.

22:00 May 05 Aintracht Frankfurt West Ham P1: 2.32 x: 3.52 p2: 3.32

On the upcoming Thursday in Frankfurt, at the Deutsche Park Stadium Stadium, the reciprocal match of the semifinals of the Europa League will be held, in which the local Aintracht and West Ham will play among themselves. According to bookmakers, the hosts have some more chances to win in the upcoming meeting. However, West Ham is a very unypted opponent.

The Frankfurt Aintracht this season is experiencing big problems in the Bundesliga. But, the game of this club in the Europa League deserves all sorts of praise. At the previous stage.

22:00 05 May Aintracht Frankfurt Lyon
22:00 05 May Rangers Leipzig P1: 3.72 x: 3.82 P2: 2.05

On the upcoming Thursday, in Glasgow at the Ibrox stadium, the return match of the semifinals of the Europa League semi -finals will be held, in which the local Rangers and RB Leipzig will play among themselves. According to bookmakers, guests have a slightly more chance of winning in the upcoming meeting. It is difficult to argue with this, given the difference in the class between two clubs.

The rangers last Thursday came to Leipzig with only one task – to endure all the opponent’s attacks. Until the 85th minute of the meeting, the Scots dried as they could, but.

17:00 07 May Brentford Southampton P1: 2.4 x: 3.62 P2: 3.09
17:00 07 May Burnli Aston Villa P1: 3.2 x: 3.5 p2: 2.38
17:00 May 07 Crystal Palace Watford P1: 1.78 x: 3.94 p2: 4.98
17:00 07 May Chelsey Wolly Supreme P1: 1.41 x: 4.94 P2: 9.4
19:30 07 May Brighton Manchester United P1: 3.2 x: 3.62 p2: 2.33
21:45 May 07 Liverpool Tottenham P1: 1.49 x: 5 p2: 6.95
16:00 08 May Arsenal Lids P1: 1.47 x: 5 p2: 7.2
16:00 08 May Norvich West Ham P1: 4.44 x: 3.96 p2: 1.86
16:00 08 May Lester Everton P1: 2.3 x: 3.62 p2: 3.26
18:30 08 Manchester City Newkasl United P1: 1.24 x: 7.1 n2: 14
22:00 May 10 Aston Villa Liverpool P1: 6.95 x: 4.94 P2: 1.49
16:00 07 May Zarya Metalist 1925
16:00 07 May FC Minai Dnepr-1
16:00 07 May Veres Rivne Ingulents
16:00 07 May Alexandria Rukh Vinniki
16:00 07 May Olympic Dnepr-1
16:00 07 May Chernomorets Odessa Vorskla
16:00 07 May FC Lvov Kolos Kovalevka
16:00 07 May Desna Chernigov Shakhtar

Predictions of capers


Champions League

Date Time Tour Match
04.05 22:00 2 Real M – Manchester City


Villarreal – Liverpool
Liverpool – Villarreal
Manchester City – Real M
Atletico Madrid – Manchester City
Liverpool – Benfica
Bavaria – Villarreal
Real M – Chelsea
Chelsea – Real M
Villarreal – Bavaria
Manchester City – Atletico Madrid

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Football: Where to bet?

Matches and analytics reviews

In 1/8 of the Champions League February 22, 2022, the English Chelsea and the French Lille will meet. At 23:00 Moscow time on the field of the Stamford Bridge stadium.

Valery Gres

On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, the match of the 1/8 Champions League will be held, in which the Spanish Villarreal will accept the El-Madrigal stadium Turin Juventus. AT.

Valery Gres

On Monday, February 21, 2022, the 26th round of the Italian series A. will end with the honor of spending the last fight of the game week, the beginning of which is scheduled for 21:00 Moscow time.

Valery Gres

On Monday, February 21, 2022, 25 Tour Spanish examples will end. At 23:00 Moscow time, at the Balaidos stadium in Vigo, the local Selta will accept.

Valery Gres

In the 25th round of the Spanish La League on Sunday, February 20, the Bascon derby will take place. At 23:00 Moscow time, at the San Mamam stadium in Bilbao, the local Athletics will accept.

Valery Gres

The central fight of the 23 rounds of the German Bundesliga will be a Sunday match in which two Borussia will meet. On February twentieth, “bumblebees” in Dortmund will be accepted.

Valery Gres

Features of football bets

To make a bet on the results of football matches is an order of magnitude easier than putting events in other sports on the outcome of events. Beginner players are of this opinion, and there is a share of truth in this. But the mandatory component of successful Betting in football is high -quality pre -match analysis. Be sure to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • Statistics of both teams this season.
  • The history of full -time confrontations between the teams.
  • The average performance in the tournament.
  • The percentage of victories on the home and alien field.
  • The average number of warnings and deletions for the match.
  • The presence of players with injuries or disqualifications.
  • The venue for the game, the expected weather conditions.

How to bet on football via the Internet

Before the first rate at the bookmaker’s office, the new player must create an account on the website of the selected BC and replenish the balance. The registration procedure in international offices is usually simplified, and some operators even allow you to create an account in one click. Verification of the account (identification of the player), as a rule, is carried out before the first display of winning from the account.

Replenishment of the game balance is possible in all widespread methods – cards, transfers from electronic wallets, mobile payments. After the first deposit, many bookmakers charge new customers with a welcome bonus.

To make a bet online, you need to choose one or more outcomes in the line and click on the coefficients. The outcomes will immediately be added to the game coupon, Bettor can only enter the amount and confirm the rate.

In order for the game in the bookmaker to be more successful for beginners, use the advice of Online-Bookmakers experts.On our site, bookmaker bets on football are regularly published today with deployed justifications and accurate forecasts.

Bookmakers taking football rates

To start making sports football bets, a novice player must decide on the choice of a bookmaker. Today in Russia two dozen legal BCs are presented, ready to help customers in the imprisonment of the bet.

List of bookmakers taking football rates

BC for football bets

The little -known bookmaker, which, however, along with everyone accepts football rates. The line of Melbet in its volume is not inferior to competitors, and the starting bonus of 15 thousand rubles daily attracts more and more customers. Therefore, there is no doubt who should entrust their money in order to bet on football.

For a long time, this company has been tightly connected with the Russian Premier League partnerships. So any viewer, observing the matches of the Russian football championship, prefers to make bookmakers on football in the drugs.

One of the leaders among the most popular bookmakers, allowing you to bet on football via the Internet. Millions of Betterers of this BC are known for 1xbet brand, but it is not officially registered in Russia, so it is recommended to conclude a bet only on the 1x Staff website.

The oldest Russian bookmaker, who has been taking football bets since 1994. Initially, the BC led its activities only in offline, but with the advent of the Internet it successfully fit into the market and now allows you to enclose a bet on its official website. You can bet on football today in Fonbet thanks to a huge selection of events from large competitions like the UEFA Champions League to niche tournaments of amateur teams.

This company is extremely popular due to active advertising on the Internet and on TV. Words declared Winline do not diverge from the deed, and millions of Betterers make winals on football through the bookmaker. In addition, new customers have the opportunity to get a bonus up to a million rubles subject to the fulfillment of the stated conditions indicated on the company's website.

A young bookmaker company receiving football bets via the Internet. It is online that is the main driving force of Parimatch, which is why its employees concentrated all their attention on the development of the site and mobile application. Therefore, bets on football matches in Parimatch can be made anywhere in the planet.

A reliable bookmaker, leading his story since 2004. Today Olympus accepts online football rates from users from all over the country. And they value the bookmaker for high coefficients and regular payments even for successful players who managed to put a whole fortune on betting.

One of those BCs that conduct an active advertising campaign on the Internet. Therefore, today Leon accepts football bets from professionals and beginners, who almost always positively speak about the bookmaker.In addition to all, new customers will surely appreciate the low threshold of the deposit (20 rubles) and the presence of a starting bonus up to 20 thousand.


The fact that Betsiti actively accepts bets on football matches is not surprising for anyone, because the bookmaker is the official sponsor of the Russian Cup in this sport. At the same time, the BC line is not limited to the tournament alone. The painting consists of many other events taking place both in Russia and abroad.


The “daughter” of the BingoBoom casino, in connection with which many players have questions about the legality of Betboom. It is definitely not worth worrying about the legality of the bookmaker, since it is included in the Central Department Store, that is, the state actually guarantees a stable withdrawal of funds after the user decided to bet on football.


An old, but at the same time very reliable bookmaker, which has been taking football rates since 1998. Of course, a lot of time has passed since the appearance of the marathon Bet on the market, and the industry has undergone serious changes. However, this BC, by analogy with Fonbet, perfectly understands how it is most convenient for people to make a bet, and therefore today, through the official website of the marathon, you can bet on football online without personal appeal to the PPS.


The name of this company for some Better is associated with the same football club. And it is really possible to put Zenit with Spartak with Spartak with Spartak, but this does not indicate any connection with the team from St. Petersburg. Zenit bookmaker allows you to make football rates online, regardless of the player’s club preferences.


Another office from the northern capital, which is also accepting free sports football rates. That is, users have the opportunity to experience their luck without investing real money. Of course, in the future it is worth abandoning such a game model and moving on to the rates “in a large way”.


A young company created in 2020. From the first day of its existence, Bettle has been legally activities, offering customers to make online football bets, guaranteeing for themselves a stable output of cash cards and online ones.


Let the name of this company do not mislead you, as tennisi accepts bookmaker on football and a dozen other sports. The line of the most popular discipline is represented by hundreds, if not thousands of tournaments. Therefore, players always have a choice, what event to imprison the bet.


It is unlikely that hundreds of millions of people know the name of this bookmaker, but GGBET has its own audience that appreciates the company for its experience (has been working for nearly 10 years) and stability in terms of payments. So to worry about the fact that the betting on football will accept the bookmaker, but it will not be worth the payment.


This bookmaker also accepts football bets online, although it is known only to a limited number of people.But in this feature, you can find many advantages, given that Mostbet conducts legal activities in Russia. Firstly, the relatively low popularity forces the BC to exhibit more profitable cuffs for players, so that the size of the final win can be higher than that of competitors, almost 5-10%.

Types of bets in bookmakers

Types of bets in BC for football

Types of football bets

Today, online football bets are represented by different species offering customers to determine not only the outcome of the confrontation, but also, for example, to guess the number of goals in the game or other indicators. Consider each type of bet in order of its popularity:

  • Exodus. These are the simplest football bets of bookmakers. They are a definition of the result of the match without an accurate account (the victory of the first team, the victory of the second team or draw.
  • Double chance. A less risky type of bet, admitting that the game will end with a victory or a draw of the first (1x) or second (2x) team.
  • Time Match. A more risky option. It is proposed to determine not only the winner of the whole meeting, but also the winner of the first half. Such bets have the appearance of “P1P2”, “NP1” and so on.
  • Passage. Unlike the outcome, which is selected from three options, the passage is represented by two. Such football rates today are presented in tournaments with the stage of the playoffs, where the main time of the match may end, and the winner is revealed according to the results of additional time or a penalty series.
  • Accurate account. These are accurate football bets offering to determine how the game will end with. Here you can easily lose, but the coefficient is much higher than that of alternative bets.
  • Total. Bookmakers take such bets on football extremely willingly, because the player must determine how many goals will be clogged in the match. More precisely, Better guesses whether their number will be more than a specific value (for example, TB 2.5) or less (TM 2.5).
  • Handicap. An interesting view in which the client gives a “head start” to a particular team. For example, if he decided to bet on football F1 (-2), he is sure that the first team will win with the advantage of two or more balls, it is in this case that the winnings will be calculated.
  • Both will score. It consists of two options: yes or not. The client is invited to bet on football online, having determined whether both teams will be able to score during the meeting.
  • Statistics. A generalized look, consisting of various bets on certain statistics (the number of corner, disorders. Penalty, yellow cards and so on).
  • Long -term bets. These are definitely not win -win bets on football, as the client needs to guess the winner of the entire tournament, and not a specific match.

Summing up, under the description of the species of a bet, it is also important to emphasize that they are of different types. For example, some are concluded before the start of the game, and the second – during. That is, in the first case, bets on football are made for tomorrow, and Better is waiting for the meeting.Live format involves the conclusion of a bet during the game, when it is already approximately clear what playing teams are.

Finally, the exact bets on football are single and combined. In the first scenario, only one outcome is selected, and in the second Better is as if sure that the matches will end exactly as he noted in painting (express and system). In this case, the coefficients increase, but the likelihood of gaining winnings falls.

How to choose

It is always difficult for new players to understand what to bet on football so as not to lose and it is advisable to win over the bookmaker. A wide list of species of Paris to beginner Betters seems overloaded and incomprehensible in terms of risk. Therefore, it is proposed to compare all paid and free football rates today as part of a table with various selection criteria.

Name pros Minuses To whom they will
Exodus Clear layouts, good cuffs on outsiders The coefficients are constantly changing Everyone
Double chance Minimum risks Low coefficients Beginners
Time Match Increased kefs and the level of excitement It is much more difficult to predict the outcome Experts
Passage The choice of the outcome is narrowed to two options In the case of the appointment of the post -match penalty, the result may swing in any direction Everyone
Check The ability to disrupt a large jackpot, especially in case of high effectiveness It is possible to guess the exact score only in the course of boring games with a small number of balls Experts
Total Increasing interest in the match even if your favorite team does not play it Everyone
Handicap Perfect bet in the case when the favorite and outsider of the meeting is obvious A strong team can start playing through the sleeves after the first goal, which is why the probability of determining the minus handbag is reduced Everyone
Both will score A simple option, suitable for both newcomers and specialists As a rule, the probability of 50/50, and even serious skills do not allow you to guess the exact outcome Everyone
Statistics High coefficients that allow us to increase the winnings You need to understand in detail each playing team Experts
Long -term bets High coefficients and pleasant voltage along the entire tournament The need to wait long to calculate the bet Experts

Bookmakers coefficients

To bet on football online, the player must build on the coefficients. They are four types:

  • European (1.7, 2.3 and so on).
  • Asian (0.3, 1.3 and so on).
  • English (2/5, 3/7 and so on).
  • American (+188, -188 and so on).

In Russia, the first type of cuffs is used, and it is very easy to understand. Choosing the nearest football bets, the player sees the number opposite the proposed outcome. To calculate the final win, he must multiply the amount of the rate by this number.

Asian kafs act in a similar way, but do not indicate all the winnings, but only its profitable part. English coefficients – profit ratio and rate.And the KEF, which is used in the United States, shows the size of the winnings when performing a rate of 100 conventional units.

Since the first type is spreading in our country, it needs to be dedicated in more detail, considering the methods of its formation. So, the higher the KEF, the less chance of the successful completion of the selected outcome according to the bookmaker. And in order to bet online on football, you need to understand how it is formed:

  • the opinion of experts regarding the probability of the outcome;
  • the availability of injuries and disqualifications as part of a particular team;
  • KEFS in competing companies;
  • The size of bets for a certain outcome.

Speaking in more detail, then initially the KEF is calculated according to the formula “100/x”, where instead of X the estimated probability of the outcome is indicated. For example, if the bookmaker is sure that the first team will win with a probability of 60%, then a coefficient of 1.6 is set to it.

At the same time, the bookmaker is insured, adding its own commission to the percentage of probability (for example, 5%). Therefore, bets on popular football matches will be accompanied not by a coefficient of 1.6 with a probability of an outcome of 60%, but by a cafom 1.5.

Next, the movement of the bookmaker line begins. The probability of outcomes changes day by day, and therefore a week before the match there may be only coefficients, and on the day the game is completely different. They are affected by the factors indicated earlier in the material.

The most active cuffs change during the match, in connection with which the bets on football for tomorrow (before the start of the game) are considered less predictable than along the way (in Liva). If the account in the match is opened by the favorite, it is obvious that it will win with a high degree of probability. True, there is an accident factor here.

Working forecasts for football bets

Forecasts for football matches


Typically, beginners are interested in football bets from professionals, since a player who does not particularly understand this sport cannot independently determine the winner of the meeting or the number of goals. However, you should not perceive free football rates from professionals as a capital truth.

Any expert, whether he is a capper or a former football player, can always be mistaken. And this is just the top of the iceberg. Further, his interest is in use. Perhaps he has an agreement with the bookmaker company, and then the bets of experts on football turn into absentee pumping out of money from unprecedented Betterers.

Trust or not trust the expert – only the BC client decides. In any case, studying the opinions of other people will be useful, since when considering different points of view, a true meaning is formed, which allows you to count on the winnings.

How to make football bets correctly

To make shots on football online to any user, it is enough to perform a few simple actions:

  1. Register on the BC website.
  2. Pass the verification, indicating the passport data.
  3. Take a look at the schedule of football matches and the bets offered by the bookmaker, and then select the event and conclude a bet.
  4. Wait for the calculation of the winnings.

However, this algorithm will not help the novice Better win real money, since he (BC Client) will only understand how a bet is from a practical point of view. In parallel with this, it is important to prepare for the choice of a particular outcome:

  1. Explore football betting today and expert forecasts to understand who is the favorite of the match, and what expectations from it are in a football environment.
  2. Take a look at the coefficients for football matches. Perhaps the bookmaker was mistaken with the calculation of probability, and you can win more by choosing a high kaf.
  3. If you are afraid to make a bet for real money, first try free football rates (demo-mode), to roughly understand whether you will remain in the plus, or you will find yourself in the red.
  4. If you are ready to spend money on Betting and have already made the first deposit, then throw it aside the command addictions and start only from dry statistics, choosing the nearest football rates.
  5. Make bets on popular football matches if you have just started betting. And only in the course of immersion in this sport, begin to look closely at the less popular tournaments.

At the end, it is worth noting once again that Betting is not a guaranteed means of earnings. Even the bets of football experts regularly end in failures. To confirm these words, it is enough to follow a couple of weeks after the forecasts of a particular expert and check what percentage of his bets “came in”. If it is low, then football rates and forecasts from professionals should be taken into account only as familiarization and supplement their own ideas about the nearest game.