What people laugh: Povetkin left the sport

Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin announced his decision to end his sports career. On his account in the professional ring 36 wins, three losses and a draw. The 2004 Olympic champion fought twice against world champions Wladimir Klitschko and…

“What make people laugh?”: Povetkin left the sport

Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin announced his decision to end his sports career. On his account in the professional ring 36 wins, three losses and a draw. The 2004 Olympic champion fought twice with world champions Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua, but lost both times.

The career of the Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin was bright and eventful, but steadily rolled towards its end. The decision of the athlete was not unexpected, rather, on the contrary, after a heavy defeat from Dillian Whyte on the night of March 28, 2021, it suggested itself. After the fight, the boxer began to have health problems, because he went to the fight, not fully recovering from the coronavirus.

“The years take their toll. Decided to retire. After the coronavirus, a lot of things need to be treated, time will pass, I’m not 20 years old anymore. In sparring and training after the coronavirus, I feel like I'm drunk, it really affects, ”Povetkin told RIA Novosti.


Health was a decisive factor in Povetkin's decision to end his career. He admitted that he still had plans for his future fights, but life made its own adjustments.

“I decided: what to make people laugh? You need to end your career. As for the coronavirus, it certainly affected me, my health. I wanted to win world champion titles in different versions, but not everything is in our power. I had a good, interesting sports career. I don’t regret anything, ”Povetkin explained his decision to reporters.

At the same time, the boxer did not rule out the possibility that he would return to the ring.

“I don’t want to give up. But if there is a good offer, then why not?” – said Alexander Povetkin.

The fight between 41-year-old Povetkin and Briton Dillian White took place as part of the Fight on the Rock fight evening in Gibraltar and ended with the victory of the British representative by technical knockout in the fourth round. The Briton became the temporary owner of the championship belt according to the World Boxing Council (WBC). Note that this was after the victory of the Russian athlete last summer, where he won in the fifth round.

Then the Briton also looked stronger than Povetkin and knocked him down twice, but in the fifth round he unexpectedly missed one powerful blow and was knocked out. The rematch was postponed several times. First pandemics, and then the illness of Povetkin himself. In early March, his opponent White even claimed that the Russian pretended to be sick with COVID-19 in order to get more time to prepare for the duel with him.

After the fight, White wrote on Instagram: “We are all warriors who are full of passion. But we are also brothers. Everyone who enters the ring deserves respect. Alexander, I respect you, my friend.

After a heavy defeat, the boxing world started talking about the fact that it was time for Povetkin to stop fighting. WBC President Mauricio Suleiman also called Povetkin a real warrior, but admitted that, most likely, the Russian was simply not physically ready for the fight. Dmitry Ivanov, the boxer's manager, said that his client should end his sports career. Povetkin and his colleagues, in particular Konstantin Tszyu, were advised to leave the ring.

What colleagues say

Former WBC cruiserweight champion Grigory Drozd emphasized that he was glad about the news of Povetkin's departure, and also noted that the athlete consulted with him about his career.

“I advised him to end his career. I also know that his manager talked about it. All of Sasha's inner circle wanted him to end there. This is great news, now Sasha has new horizons, ”SE quotes Drozd.


Povetkin is one of the most titled boxers in Russian history. Honored Master of Sports of Russia, champion of the Olympic Games (2004), world champion (2003), two-time European champion (2002, 2004), champion of the Goodwill Games (2001) in the weight category over 91 kg, champion of Russia in the category up to 91 kg (2000 ) and over 91 kg (2001, 2002) in amateurs.

Among the professionals, the former interim WBC world champion (2020-2021), WBA regular world champion (2011-2013), WBC Diamond champion (2020-present), WBC Silver (2014-2016), WBO International (2017-2018) and WBA (2017-2018) heavyweight.

Povetkin found it difficult to tell what he would do after the end of his career.

“Probably, I will work more with young people, suggest. Business? What kind of businessman am I?” Povetkin said.