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Phone repair in Chelyabinsk

Repair of telephones in Chelyabinsk from the Sotcomm service center.

Phone repair in Chelyabinsk

Phone repair in Chelyabinsk

Agree, any, even slight breakdown, is able to break your life way. After all, you have to use the phone quite often today. And the Western buttons, the rotten screen or a non -working speaker will annoy you every time when you pick up your gadget in your hands.

Where can I repair the phone in Chelyabinsk?

Our company has been repairing mobile phones in Chelyabinsk since 2004. During this time, we managed to assemble a team of experienced specialists who own all the secrets of their profession, understand any models of cell phones, use only high -quality original details and branded service equipment in their work, which allows phone repair at the highest level.

The main focus of our repair shop is mobile phones of all famous brands. As a rule, the vast majority of calls fall Repair of Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG, HTC, Fly phones Due to their wide popularity among the population. IPhone repair – It also is no exception. Phones of this American brand is often required Glass replacement, batteries, repair of charging nests and software update.

iPhone repair in Chelyabinsk

Our company has only experienced specialists who can cope with any problem. But the following repair services are most in demand among customers:
Phone restoration after interaction with moisture;
• update of software and Russification of firmware;
• unlocking phone;
• installation or replacement of the case;
• restoration of data from a broken phone;
• repair or replacement of loops;
• unlocking operator models;
• replacement of the screen, sensor;
• replacement of batteries;
• elimination of malfunctions associated with the absence of feeding on a fee;
• Replacement of the wretched boards and elements of the phone.

Service Cost, rub.
Diagnostics FOR FREE
Display replacement (screen repair) from 300 rubles.
Indication disappears from 200 rubles.
Microphone repair from 200 rubles.
Repair dynamics from 200 rubles.
Repair of the system connector from 200 rubles.
The phone does not charge the battery from 250 rubles.
Water hit from 450 rubles.
The result of the fall from 450 rubles.
Does not turn on from 400 rubles.
User code from 200 rubles.
Network code from 200 rubles.

As you can see, our workshop produces Repair Nokia in Chelyabinskas well as phones of other brands. At the same time, you get a full -fledged guarantee for the installed parts and the work done. Therefore, you should definitely worry about how to behave after repair.

Phone renovation prices

This is not to say that the cost of telephone repair services in our workshop is the lowest, because we purposefully abandon any details of dubious origin, giving preference to exclusively original spare parts.At the same time, we significantly optimized the work of the workshop, reduced the repair time and delivery of the necessary parts.

The use of modern multifunctional and high-precision equipment allows us to determine the cause of the breakdown with maximum accuracy and eliminate it by replacing a specific part, and not the entire unit. Thereby phone repair cost is significantly reduced.

We also try to produce mobile phone diagnostics, and if possible, and its repair, in the presence of the client. This is facilitated by the professionalism of craftsmen, expensive equipment, as well as a wide range of new parts for phones in stock. If, however, more complex comprehensive measures are required to restore the phone, they must be agreed with the customer and carried out only after approval.

phone repair cost

Despite the fact that there are a large number of repair shops in Chelyabinsk, the majority of customers still prefer to contact us. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, we have earned credibility in the eyes of our clients by doing absolutely any job in good faith since 2004. Often, craftsmen have to spend a really long time to justify the trust of the client and leave him completely satisfied with the work done. Secondly, we give a guarantee on all installed parts and work. Therefore, even if for some reason phone after repair starts to act up again – feel free to contact us, we will definitely fix the problem. Thirdly, we carry out free diagnostics of a faulty device, which allows the client to make a choice about the feasibility of repair. We value each client, receiving trust and respect from you in return.